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Download and confirm the latest version of Zoom


My last attempt to start a meeting failed and I received an error message instructing me to download the latest version of Zoom before I could continue. I believe that I successfully downloaded the most recent version of the Zoom desktop client today. However, I have tried to confirm if I have the latest version of the desktop client, to no avail. The instructions provided in the Zoom support area of the website indicate to after clicking on my profile picture to click on the "Help" link. The only options available to me when I click on the profile picture are 1) a link that consists of My name and email address, which takes me to my "Personal Information" page, and 2) a link to "Billing and Plans". Please confirm that the latest Zoom version is 5.15.10 (20823) (64-bit) and provide the correct instructions to verify that I currently have latest version downloaded. Thank you in advance.