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Does meeting history only show PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED meetings??


I have subscribed to the basic paid-for tier recently and since then have had 4 meetings, of which one was prescheduled, and all the other three were just meetings I started and sent invites to the other person "from inside" the meeting. 

I wanted to use the zoom history records for my billing purposes, but I can't see these meetings (which clearly constitute my zoom usage!) in my "previous meetings" tab. Only the one I had scheduled before it started. 

Is this normal? Is there a place where the full record of the usage is held?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @MDDH yes, (previous meetings), only shows previous meetings you've hosted. If you are Using calendar and contacts integration (which is what I use for scheduling meetings and organizing meetings), you can integrate your calendar to your Zoom client which you can see previously scheduled meetings. 


For example, google calendar integration:


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