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Does an alternative host need a large meeting add-on licence?




We have a user who is licensed with the "Large 500" add-on, who has scheduled a meeting where we expect up to 500 attendees.


That user has designated an alternative host, who is licensed but does not have a large meetings add-on.


If the alternative host starts the meeting, will the participants be limited to 100 since the alternative host does not have the add-on?


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The meeting size is determined by the host account not the co-host.

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Exactly what @ChrisO stated. The Large Meeting license is tied to a user. It can be moved freely between users by the owner\admin of the Zoom account. 


Thank you, both. So as long as the meeting was scheduled by a user with the Large Meeting license, it does not matter who starts the meeting?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



What if the person who scheduled the meeting has only a capacity of 100 attendees and the alternative host has a large add on?

No, the large meeting license is tied to a user in their account. I would have the person with the large meeting license create the meeting. 

So I subscribe to a yearly subscription for ZOOM Pro and hold weekly meetings. I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks and need to assign an Alternate Host to start and run the meetings in my absence. I understand I will need to purchase an Alternate Host License but can I purchase on for just the month that I'm away? Thank you.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

There isn't a specific Alternative Host license, but instead the other user (the planned alt-host) needs to be: 

  • A member of your same account (they cannot be on their own separate account)
  • Have a license assigned to them

In this case, you would need to invite that user to your account, purchase an additional license, assign it to them, and then assign them as an alt-host for all the meetings they will handle in your absence. Once that is done, you can remove that license from them and downgrade your plan by 1 license. And yes, this account upgrade can be done for just one month, but you have to downgrade your account manually before the next renewal date, otherwise you will get charged for the additional license for another month. 


Depending on what they need to do as the alt-host, you might not need to go that route. If they just need to guide the meeting along, not actually do anythings that only the host can do (breakout rooms, cloud recordings, etc), then you might not need them to be an alt-host. You might look into instead changing the settings for this meetings so that they can still run, without a host present. This article can explain it more:


Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.