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Does Zoom allow one click meeting join from Outlook without opening browser


We use Teams and Zoom for meetings at my company. I prefer Teams because the meeting invites integrated to Outlook allow a one click join. What I mean is that when the meeting reminder pops up, there's a button to join the meeting and it opens the meeting directly.

In order to join a Zoom meeting, I have to...

  1. Open the meeting invite (either from the reminder or from the Outlook calendar)
  2. Click the Join Zoom Meeting link
  3. Then a browser tab opens
  4. Then finally I'm in the meeting

I don't know if this is a setting that's limited by Zoom itself or something my company has put in place. I feel that as popular as Zoom is across the world, that a one click join should be an option. Also, if I open the Zoom desktop app, none of the meetings show up unless I created them. Is it possible to configure it to show all of my Zoom meetings, regardless of who created them?



Locate the meeting invite link from your email or calendar invitation. Click the join link to join the meeting. On your web browser, a pop-up window will prompt you to open or download the application




This is what I'm trying to avoid. Teams allows a one click via the Outlook meeting invite and it directly opens the meeting in Teams. Does Zoom offer something like this?


I would also like to know the answer