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Does Zoom Still Support Windows XP? (client)


I used zoom on windows xp for awhile with no issues than from out of nowhere, I could not connect anymore.  The client keeps saying to update but it's already updated.


Has Zoom stopped support for older 'OS' machines?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @btownsend ,

    Unfortunately, it seems that our system requirements do not state Windows XP as a supported version for the Zoom desktop client. 


Thank you!

Thanks for you reply to this question ZoomerIT,


Any chance of a work around on this.  All of us still using winxp are well aware that it is out of date but some of us need to use it in some situations  where that piece of equipment can't be replaced easily.  This is especially true in education where budgets are tight.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Not sure there are any workarounds for installing the full client on WindowsXP, but you might be able to use the PWA/web client in a browser. It doesn't have all the same features as the desktop client, but you can still join a meeting, share screen, etc. This article has more about how to use the PWA:


Yes, officially Windows XP has been stated as not supported for quite some time. Note however if you attempt to join a meeting using an XP device, Zoom will offer to download a client installer for v. 5.0.5 as a file named 'ZoomInstallerXP.' And if you download it, it will install. And you can use it to enter a test meeting (at That is all true as of the date of this reply. One might well wonder why this would be all be the case if Zoom had entirely abandoned XP way-back-when.


Mid July, 2022 I used an XP SP3 device + 5.0.5 to successfully join a Zoom meeting. However in joining a meeting earlier today (early October, 2022) using XP + 5.0.5 I had no audio (despite the menu option 'Test speaker and microphone' incorrectly confirming that audio was functioning correctly). Also, after about 2 minutes, I was thrown out of the meeting and received the message 'Network connection failure. Please check your network and try again' (even though my wired network connection was rock-solid). These two issues replicated & persisted.


My interpretation of all these events is that (1) Zoom had been continuing to allow for use by XP devices 'on the down-low,' while skirting any official support to XP users and (2) these two issues (that apparently emerged mid-August 2022) are XP-specific and Zoom, given its current market situation, has decided not to devote any more resources to coding server-side XP workarounds. So, practically speaking, no more Zoom under XP. They ought to at least take the time to delete the ZoomInstallerXP offer … and have Zoom return messages like 'Zoom will not run under your OS" instead of letting you actually enter meetings.


You CAN enter a Zoom meeting under XP using the 360 Extreme Explorer browser, v. 13. First you have to cancel-out of pop-up offers to download ZoomInstallerXP (that would simply reinstall 5.0.5) and also to launch the Zoom client. Then there will be a link stating "Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser." Click that link and, after a slight delay, you will be able to access the meeting with audio & video. But it will consume nearly 100% of system resources and will bog XP down so much as to make it – and your presence in the meeting -- non-functional.