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Dispute Charge on Overage Recordings


I received emails and was asked by Zoom to delete my recordings and upgrade the storage. I followed the instructions. 


AFTER i deleted almost all the recordings, (26 GB remained in the storage),  I upgraded my storage on 24 Jan 2023 to 30GB.


The overage charge in my invoice is charged for 24 - 26 Jan which is AFTER i deleted and upgraded my storage. 


The overage amount is 334.45 USD ( for 3 days 24-26 Jan) in my invoice. I wonder why I was penalized by following Zoom instructions. That's unfair and unreasonable.



Exactly the same here. I deleted all my recordings and payed for 30 MG of extra storage, but I'm being charged for around $300 USD. The usage chart says that I used around 10 MG those days.

Just happened to me too. I'm on the phone and they won't budge. 


Same thing happened to me. I’m thinking maybe we should all come together and get an attorney. They aren’t giving any refunds out.


I wonder if we can make a formal complaint to headquarters. Everything is so automated though.  A person may not even get it!


Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 07.34.15.png

They hide a little detail when we purchase the cloud recording storage. They hide it in a little "i" symbol. If you go over the "i" symbol, it states that if somebody purchase the cloud recording storage, they will be able to record more than the storage, but there is overage fee. 


Basically low and filthy trick. Customer service is slow to respond and at the end, won't respond at all. 

ZOOM just lost a loyal customer for this filthy trick. 

Just look for another app guys, don't fall for this cash grab


I have deleted all my recordings and it says I am still over my storage!!!  How is this possible when I don't have any recordings


I just got charged $686 in charges for overage fee without warning. What's the solution to this? I'm horrified. 

After constantly calling, emailing, disputing, screenshots, they did absolutely nothing! I would go straight to your bank instead and dispute it. Wells Fargo gave me my money back especially after I told them how hard I tried. Once Wells Fargo said they would give me a refund then zoom tried to offer me half a refund but pretended they didn’t know about the bank reimbursing me. I didn’t even respond and took the money back from my bank. I had to keep zoom for work but I was paranoid of this happening again and you can’t remove your debit card so I got a dummy card at and set the max at $15 per month so zoom will declined if they try it again.