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Disposable link with confirmation


Hi, I hold one-day training courses. I have to invite 150-200 people to zoom for each course.
I want people not to be able to share the invitation link and only come to the meeting themselves.
I am currently sending the link to 150 people, but for example, 170 people attend the meeting and it is very difficult to check this number of people.
What solution do you suggest?



Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @shahab, welcome to the Zoom community! The best way to ensure that only people who got the invitation link show up is to ask people not to share the invitation link with those who have not been given access. Alternatively, you can also set up the meeting as a Zoom webinar so that you can set up registration approval for added security.  Instructions to set up a webinar are here:

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