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Disabling "a participant has enabled closed captioning" notification on my client?


I have "Always show captions" enabled because I have some auditory processing issues. However, every time I join a meeting, the annoying "A participant has enabled closed captioning" notice floats at the top of my screen and stays there until I close it. Is there any way to disable this notification? I know a participant has enabled closed captioning, it's me. I really don't need to be informed of this every single time.


If there isn't a setting for this, can we get one please? Or even make it a sub-setting under "Always show captions", like "Hide caption notification". If someone has "Always show captions" enabled, it seems really pointless to tell them it's been enabled every single time; I'd think the only time we'd want a notification would usually be if captions couldn't be enabled for some reason.