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Disable gesture recognition


I want to disable gesture recognition. I tried following online guidelines for turning this feature off, but none of the menus I am directed to go to lead to a toggle for this feature. I have also tried searching other menus myself. I’ve tried on Safari and on the zoom app. I have screenshots that show what I can see, but I don’t see any option to upload images. I have updated my iOS app and the zoom app. I really don’t want zoom tracking my gestures and making these things on the screen, I never have my permission for that. 



I also have this problem: please help.


I had a similar problem. I was seeing the "Recognize hand gestures👍" option under the "reactions" item on the bottom of my meeting, but it was unchecked and I was still seeing gestures being recognized. Checking and unchecking this option has no effect. I had just updated the latest version of Zoom 5.16.10 (25689) on Mac and it was still happening.


Turned out to be a Mac issue for me, not Zoom at all, this thread helped me solve it:


Maybe there is a similar gesture recognition coming from iOS?