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Difficulties connecting to breakout rooms


I am holding an online meeting and we go into break-out rooms frequently. every time the same three users are unable to connect to their designated breakout room. In the breakout room window, they show as "not connected", often their frozen image is still visible in the main room. after a time, they bounce back into the main room or lose the connection entirely.


Version issues seem unlikely, because zoom now insists that clients be reasonably up to date. As host, I update automatically.


Anyone else have these issues and/or success dealing with it?




Hi, We have had the same issues.  One of our users had to leave the meeting and rejoin.  She said that she was in the "waiting to join" page for a bout 10 minutes and couldn't do anything.  In the end she turned everything off, turned it all back on again and joined us in the main session.  The problem with a few people not being able to join rooms has been ongoing, but this is the worse so far.  Most user on our sessions are ok.  


Thanks! I reported this to Zoom support. Hopefully that will produce results.