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Dial-in from iPhone doesn't register all the Meeting ID digits


I have a user with an iPhone 11 running iOS 14.8 (issue occurred on previous iOS versions as well). The user prefers to dial in to meetings for audio so they can use their Airpods when at their home office (they joined the meeting from their computer).  The user states that often, not every time, after entering the Meeting ID, the Zoom attendant states that it is the incorrect Meeting ID. When the attendant reads the ID back it is missing digits, but her phone shows that she entered all the correct digits. It may do the same thing when the user re-enters the digits. The user stated they usually have to hang up and dial again.


Anyone else experienced this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @chedbe_EMA 


I haven't seen this problem exactly, but I have seen many tone transport problems elsewhere over the years.


I wonder whether the user is using some kind of WiFi-calling feature on their cell phone/network (maybe unknowingly) and there may sometimes be a DTMF (tone) transport hiccup between that network and the Zoom PSTN-Voice-IP network.


The FIRST thing I'd want to ensure is that the phone call coming from the iPhone is a REAL phone call, not a WiFi call. The exact setting for this will depend on the cell network, I think.


You could also ask the user to Mute their phone before pressing digits. Maybe worth a try also.


Maybe a couple of things to try/look into.


Please report back. It's an interesting problem.


Long term - I would encourage the user towards Computer Audio - for all kinds of good reasons.


Hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply, @Rupert . I too remember a touch tone issue with iPhones a few years back. It may have been iPhone 6S+iOS12+Cellular Data Voice setting. This user's problem reminds me of that. I'll followup with the user.


It’s 2023 and I’m also getting this issue. I believe it started for me earlier in the year. I’m using iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 17.1.2. I’m also using Wi-Fi enabled calling. Oftentimes a single number tone results in the system “hearing” one or more of the digit. Other times the tone “heard” is completely different than the number pressed. This does not happen on any other systems where the tones are being completely misinterpreted.


I'm having the same issue, iPhone 10x IOS 17.2 - not using WiFi. The Zoom system answers then after entering the meeting ID either just drops my call or tells me the meeting ID is invalid or today, that I have not entered any numbers. Very frustrating!