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Dell S2722QC monitor flickers when Zoom launches (intermittent issue)




Sometimes, when zoom is launched or when someone  shares their screen on zoom, my computer monitor flickers, white/grey colours most affected. It doesn't happen when I share my screen. 


Even when I quit the zoom app, the flickering will stay, sometimes for a few days before it eventually dies down and completely stops. The flicker will even occur if I disconnect my laptop (so that there are no inputs into the monitor).


The problem doesn't happen often but when it does it drive me nuts as it's really uncomfortable for the eyes. 


I've tried replacing my monitor under warranty and I still have the same issue. The monitor is connected to a MacBook Air (M1, 2020). I've also tried:

  • Turning the monitor on and off
  • Using a different cable
  • Using a different laptop
  • Changing the setting on my Mac (colour profile, True Tone, Resolution, Refresh Rate = 60Htz)


Please help!