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Delete a free zoom account


Cannot access my paiid zoom account due to a free account blocking access


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Mmccloy.


I'm not really understanding you issue.  Are you saying you can't log into your Zoom account?  Do you have two accounts, or do you have one that should be Licensed but isn't behaving like a licensed account?  if you're getting an error message of some sort, please provide a screen shot or the text of the message so we can troubleshoot.

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Hello, I have one paid account and one free one. 

I need to delete the free account so that I can use the email account associated with it. *********** 

In my paid account I want to change my email address from *********** to *********** 

I no longer have access to the *********** account. I would appreciate your assistance with clear instructions. Thank you!!! Carol

I have similar problem-How do I bring up my free account (in order to delete it so I can use my free account email for the pro account instead of present  pro account email