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Delays connecting to a Zoom Meeting/Webinar with 5.11.1 (6602) 64-bit on Windows


Anyone else experiencing delays connecting to or starting a Zoom Meeting with the 5.11.1 (6602) [5.11.6602] client for Windows (64-bit)? I started deploying this version (corporate .msi deployment) to user systems at the end of June. After upgrading about 200 computers, I started receiving user complaints that Zoom meetings are taking an unusual amount of time to launch after clicking a meeting link. The experience is that the user clicks a meeting link and it appears nothing happens. After waiting an uncomfortable amount of time with no indication that anything is happening, the Zoom client will appear and join the meeting as expected. User's computers that are still running the 5.10.x Zoom Client do not have this issue.



I don't know which version I have, but yes, I have delays.  Usually on my LINK it automatically LAUNCHes the MEETING.  Now there's a huge delay, so I click LAUNCH MEETING, then enter from Browser. Then 10 minutes later a second (ghost!) session starts!  It's so annoying and just suddenly started doing this.