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Delay in issuing meeting invites




We’ve had Zoom meetings with family at same time each week for about two years.  Yesterday, despite sending multiple invites and cancellations, none were received by family members.  We even asked another party to issue the meeting link, but that also fell on stony ground. We decided to call it a day and try today. 


Miraculously, all the emails were received today😡😡


We’ve had the odd video and audio glitch, but nothing like this. 

Clearly a glitch in system/servers overwhelmed yesterday? 

Has this happened to others? 





This has been happening to me for over a month and zoom insists they have no idea what I am talking about, offers stupid suggestions, like asking my therapy clients to switch internet providers (!??), and these are clients I have been having no issues with sending and recieving invites for the past 2 years.  I am at a loss.  Very frustrating.


Thanks. Was naively assuming it had happened to a few others. First time it’s happened in two years. How bizarre. 

Thanks. The link only seems to take me to advertising stuff.


This is the general issue these days as I and some of my close friends are facing in zoom as you can see here some detailed description about it kindly solve this issue for us.


I'm experiencing similar problems.  No way to troubleshoot and Zoom hasn't been helpful!


This just happened to me today. There were 4 zoom invites from 1 year ago that appear to be sent from me dated today, but these were meeting requests from a year ago.  I looked in my sent items and did not see any copy from me today.

Its confusing clients asking me why I am requesting meeting.  I sent email support to Zoom to try and fisgure out why this is happening or is there a virus - why is it time stamped it was sent today???


I am having similar problems. Emailed invites are not arriving with the invitee but if I cancel a meeting and arrange another, the new emailed invite does arrive, along with the earlier missing one! I am totally confused and cannot find an answer.