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Definitive guidance re Zoom audio settings + headphone settings



Tried Zoom help and all the links you provided in related posts; no luck so far. Hoping to see Zoom support provide a definitive and prescriptive guidance on this subject after internal testing with popular headphone brands.


I am trying Bose QC 45 for Zoom and Teams on my Windows laptop. While my wife is happy with the older Bose QC 35 ii for meetings on a Macbook Pro, my Zoom meeting participants complain that my voice fades in and out.


I tried various levels of Transparency and ANC on Bose QC 45 and also in Zoom audio settings. I tried both the Zoom app and browser version on my newer Dell business grade laptop with Windows 10 on it. While things sound great during troubleshooting and testing. the actual experiences during zoom meetings are inconsistent and unpredictable. 


If I understand audio jargon correctly, Transparency Mode (aka awareness mode) on headphones allows you to hear external sounds while  listening to music so you are aware of your surroundings. Side Tone on headphones allows you to hear your own voice during calls so you are aware of your voice-volume.  In addition to headphone ANC feature, Zoom also offers its own Noise Suppression (ANC) which is enabled as Auto by default.


Question - what combination of settings work best between Zoom's ANC and the mic-volume settings AND headset settings?