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Custom Live Streaming


I just set up a scheduled meeting on YouTube and i want to use custom live streaming, there is no problem at the very first time, but when i want to stream a new scheduled meeting, in the zoom app, i cannot set up new custom live streaming datas, because it wants to stream automatically with the settings before. How can i reset it?



I have the same problem and I cannot find answers on how to customize a live streaming  on YouTube for a programmed Zoom meeting. And tomorrow is my meeting HELP!


I have the exact same problem too!  There is no way I can change my streaming URL or stream KEY.  When I attempt to live stream, it goes into a “waiting” cycle for about 2 minutes and then finally pops up a web page where I enter the current credentials.  I can change them here, and it works,  but next time that I want to live stream it reverts back to the original.   HELP HELP HELP!

Same here 😞 No solution? Someone plzzzz


After much experimenting and testing, it seems that this issue has something to do with your browser, cache,  and/or saved passwords.  After much frustrating work on my pc (mac), I went to a Windows PC and it worked fine.  The problem seems to be that when choosing live streaming, for some reason cached credentials are presented and the screen to enter the streaming parameters never comes up.  Instead it just enters whatever was entered last time.  
Somehow one of my saved passwords associated with Zoom was being entered in the "Stream Key" field.   For some reason this prevented that web page from popping up asking for the streaming credentials.  I went and deleted the Zoom entry within my Chrome browser's password cache and then things started to work properly.  I am not sure this addresses your specific issues but maybe will be of some help.


I hope this helps someone:

I discovered that if you schedule a recurring meeting, then you can edit the custom stream information. This works even if you change an existing meeting to "recurring" and set the "Recurrence" to "No Fixed Time."


Im having this issue too. this is a HUGE issue for us, as we stream a lot and sometimes people make mistakes. How can we make Zoom notice this ticket? 


Login in to your zoom account in a web browser.

Then click on "Meetings" in the menu on the left.

Hover your mouse cursor over the meeting to show the "Start" "Edit" "Delete" buttons and click on "Edit"
Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
You should then get a page with these headings:

 "Details"     "Polls/Quizzes"       "Live Streaming"


Click on "Live Streaming"

If you have not previously entered your stream settings, you should then see a button "Configure Custom Streaming Service"
If you have previously exerted your stream settings, there should be an "Edit" button.

Either way, you should now be able to change your custom stream configuration.