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Crop video image


Hi there,
is there a way to reduce the width of my video image from the camera? I have to cut something left and right.


Can someone please help me?


Greetings daniel




Click the button next to the Start Video button. Go to the Video setting. Under your video, you can see the picture I attached. Disable HD. 


Hello, unfortunately didn't bring anything. I have to shorten the pages otherwise my canvas won't stretch. Can I do this in Zoom?

Greetings daniel

Oh sorry Daniel I don't think so. I thought you wanted to crop your video.


Hello, yes it should be trimmed around the right and left edge. Is that possible or not

No I guess


There is no way afaik using the Zoom GUI as standard. There may be an app but I don't know of one.

We can however use software such as the super OBS (from or iGlasses to crop the video and create a virtual web cam and then select (the output of iGlasses or OBS) that as the camera to use from Zoom.  Since we so often have messy rooms or no trousers on etc. it is a shame that cropping is not provided in the Zoom GUI.

Please provide camera image cropping Zoom.


I would love the option of cropping my video as well! Using the background blur doesn't work for the classes I teach (as I'm moving a lot). But I sure wish I could crop out some of my background without having to use 3rd party software. Zoom, please consider this for a future enhancement. 


The final setting that fixed it for me was in my ZOOM PROFILE  - disabled GROUP HD VIDEO. See screen image.(Before that I also changed aspect ration in my windows laptop camera setting, but i don't know if it was required)Zoom cropping - disable HD.jpg



Using the Zoom GUI as standard is not possible, afaik, as there is no way yet. I'm not aware of any such app, but there might be one out there.

In order to turn the camera on from Zoom, we should be able to crop the video with software like super OBS (from or iGlasses, and create a virtual web cam, and then select that virtual web cam as the camera to be used from Zoom as the output from iGlasses or OBS.  It is a shame that there is no option to crop in the Zoom GUI, since we are prone to have messy rooms, no trousers on, etc. I find it a bit disrespectful.

It would be helpful if you could provide a zooming facility for camera images.


It is not as far as i could find, however you can use OBS studio (free and open source to configure a cropped virtual camera, run it, then select it in zoom.  I had to restart zoom to get it working after i started my virtual camera the first time but then after that i could open obs studio and start the virtual camera after zoom and it would pick it up.