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Crashing ~70% of the time when joining meetings


I use a bit of an oddball setup - Arch Linux with KDE Plasma on Wayland, with Pipewire for audio.


I'm using the zoom AUR package (version 5.12.9-1 as of opening this issue, but it's been happening since at least 5.8.x). Most of the time when I join a meeting the client will briefly display the grid of video feeds, sometimes I get a fraction of a second of audio, and then the client crashes. Sometimes it does work, and then it works fine, but that's after the initial join. Which usually doesn't work until the third or fourth or sometimes ninth try. Which sucks. It's especially annoying in meetings with a waiting room, where I have to wait in the waiting room only to be let in and then the client crashes.


If anyone knows a workaround for this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  (Switching to X11 is not an option.)


I've reproduced this on at least two distinct Arch systems and it's been happening for at least six months on both, so I don't think this is a hardware issue.


I've gathered a core dump and a stack trace, which might be useful for the more technically inclined.



I'm in the same situation with the same environment, been having this probllem for months now. For now I'm using the web client, but if you have found any solutoin in the meantime please let us know 🙂


I am having the same issue on Arch/Sway (Wayland). No probelms on my Arch/LeftWM (X11) system.

The spottiness reminds me of the Arch/CSGO issue (, which makes me think it may have to do with mismatched dynamically linked library versions which should probably become statically linked.