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Crackling audio only on Zoom meeting


I've been having a devil of a time getting Zoom meeting to work without crackling audio.  I believe this is only sound out and not the microphone as I haven't had a complaint as of now.

I've read a number of posts and there is something about reducing the buffer but after Googling how to do this I'm stumped.


Windows 11; HP laptop; Bluetooth headset; Zoom 5.16.2 (22807)

Sound and microphone are OK on all other applications.  There is no crackling.

Bluetooth headset audio and microphone OK on other applications.

If I use the laptop speakers there is no crackle on Zoom.  

Test various audio and video applications and no problem on sound or input.


Steps to reproduce

Connect bluetooth headphone. 

Listen to music and test.  No crackle.

Open or join a meeting in Zoom and there is a crackle.

Attempted Solutions so far

Turn off all audio enhancement on Windows 11.  Sound still good on other apps but crackle on Zoom.

Forget bluetooth headset and reconnect multiple times.  Still crackle only on Zoom.

So finally attempted to change Zoom settings.

Open Zoom Settings and as soon as I click on the Audio, the sound starts crackling.

Select other Zoom setting and after a short delay, sound is OK.

Tried every Audio Profile and still crackling in Zoom.  Personalized audio isolation is better but still has crackle.

Turn off Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers.  Still crackling.  Set back to "auto".

Echo cancellation set to auto.  Still crackling


OK, so what do I do now?  How do I fix and remove this crackling?

Thanks in advance.



I teach fitness classes and I had changed to Firefox months ago as a solution which was suggested to me...which worked.  But the crackling is back as of this week.