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Coverage in PC Magazine - Office Hours


Hi Folks,


I have mentioned another external Zoom-related community here a few times, called "Office Hours", for which I am a member.


Office Hours is a daily Zoom Webinar panel discussion about media and tech, and Zoom-based topics.


Office Hours was covered this week in PC Magazine, in an article from journalist and podcaster, Jon Kalish.


It is a good read - and a great overview of Office Hours.


Office Hours is held every day on Zoom. Anyone is welcome to join - either as a viewer/attendee to watch and ask questions if you want to, or, if you want to, as a Panel member to answer questions - if you have some experience in a related field.


Office Hours is a Zoom Webinar every day at 9AM CST/US, 7 days a week! It has been running for over 500 episodes, continuously - answering now a total of around 25,000 questions.


You can register here:


You can join first as viewer/attendee (non-video) and there are instructions later if you want to move to the Panel.


You can also watch Office Hours live, or watch past episodes at, on YouTube - if you don't want to register in Zoom.


Office Hours (sometimes called the "show") runs normally for two hours. The first hour is General Q&A, and the second hour is generally focused on a special subject - like audio, video, or a featured product (no sponsorship) or skill-area. There have been guest speakers on the show from Zoom sometimes, and other vendors like Amazon.


Office Hours is a community, not a commercial operation.


The second hour on Saturdays (10AMCST) is all about Education - and is not streamed to YouTube. Sunday is not streamed to YouTube at all. But all can be watched directly in Zoom.


Office Hours is produced using Zoom. Part of the group's mission is to demonstrate and develop the best results possible from the Zoom platform - including great audio and video, in full HD, and intentional behaviors from the panelists to provide a great Zoom experience. But the main mission is to answer people's questions - any questions, from anyone.


I regularly promote the Zoom Community in Office Hours, and provide tips back and forth. Likewise, many of the Solutions I have brought here to the Zoom Community I have learned from Office Hours.


Office Hours has a number of relationships with Zoom, with many members running some very large events on Zoom - with all kind of experience - which they are happy to share.


New features in Zoom are often also put through their paces in Office Hours.


Zoom will often join Office Hours and provide commentary, and answer questions. A good example was a recent review of Zoomtopia (and Zoom Events) where the panel shared their thoughts, joined by the Event Specialists Manager from Zoom.


That can be watched here: 


More info on Office Hours can be found here:


Previous Episodes:


PC Magazine article:


Again - feel free to join: - Daily, 9AM CST/US


DM me here if you have any questions - or post below if you have any feedback. Actual questions for the Office Hours panel can be submitted via a link in the Zoom-chat when the Webinar is running.


Office Hours is also experimenting with streaming in 4K to YouTube. Watch this space!







Thanks for sharing this amazing resource. Love the show! And it really showcases how good Zoom can look and sound with a bit of knowledge.


You can join first as viewer/attendee (non-video) and there are instructions later if you want to move to the Panel.thanks

Yes. You are welcome to register to watch at - every day at 9AM CST