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Cost of upgrading from Zoom Pro to Zoom One Pro?


I currently have a Personal Zoom Pro account.  I'm investigating upgrading to a Personal Zoom One Pro account.

It appears there is no charge to change right now, and my renewal fee next September will be the same as my current Zoom Pro account.  Is that correct?

-- Ward


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Ward.


My understanding is that "Zoom Pro" became "Zoom One Pro" -- sort of a marketing make-over.  The simple term "Zoom" has a lot of meanings, whereas the new term "Zoom One" describes the combination of a Meeting license, Team Chat, Whiteboarding, and optionally Zoom Phone.


If you're fine with what you have as Zoom Pro, no need to do anything.  Eventually I think Zoom will re-brand everything called "Zoom Pro" to "Zoom One Pro".

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