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Converted a recording but Zoom says file does not exist


Back in July I recorded a video podcast episode as I always do. it converted, I renamed it, now that I'm ready to edit and get it out there, when I click on the file(s) there are 2 with the same number, I get an error saying "file does not exist." How could it exist enough to be converted but now not exist? I have checked everywhere else I can think of. "Record" starts as soon as I start the meeting and there is 3 secs of me waiting for my guest, that's it.

I'm guessing this is a lost cause but thought someone might have some insight.




Access your cloud recordings as mentioned in the accessing recording management section.
Find the cloud recording you want to share, download or delete.
To share:
On the recording's page, click Share.
In the Share this cloud recording pop-up window, adjust your sharing settings as desired.
Click Copy Sharing Information, then navigate to your email or where you need to share the cloud recording, to paste the sharing information.