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Control iPhone camera zoom level during Zoom call


I cannot find any information on how I can control the zoom level on my iPhone camera when I am in a Zoom call.  Is this even possible? The specific scenario is this: The iPhone is mirrored on a large-screen TV, and the phone is located immediately below the TV.  When the local participants look at the TV, they are also looking at the iPhone camera, so it looks natural to the other Zoom participants. But the local participants are 8' from the phone, so I'd like to be able to zoom them up to a reasonable level.


Apple was unable to help on this.



I don't believe this functionality is available for an iPhone that is connected to the Zoom meeting using the Zoom app made for iPhone.


If you used a laptop to connect to Zoom, and then connected the iPhone to the laptop, there are good options.

 • Install FiLMiC Pro on the iPhone.
 • Connect a Lighting to HDMI dongle to the iPhone
 • Connect HDMI to a capture card that converts HDMI to USB.
 • Set the Zoom camera to the name of the capture card.

Now, if you have another iPhone or iPad you can install FiLMiC Remote. This will allow you to remotely control the iPhone zoom inside of FiLMicC Pro.

If you're asking about remote controlling it from another remote location through Zoom, I may have wasted my time, since this is a solution for the iPhone and iPad being in the same location. 🙂

Jeff Widgren

Jeff Widgren



Thanks for the suggestions, but this is all far to complex for me. As it turned out, I reached the same conclusion that you did...one simply cannot control zoom on an iPhone in a Zoom call. And in fact, I wound up using my desktop for the Zoom session for other reasons, but I ran into a similar problem: I could not figure out how to zoom up the camera attached to the desktop. Any guidance on that would be appreciated. Thanks again!