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Is there any way to get phone support? I am happy to pay. I have spent this whole day trying to figure out meeting settings. I made a few errors and unable to figure out how to correct them and send updates to attendees. It is a very important meeting and my first time setting up a meeting. Can I upgrade another step for a month and ask what is really a simple question probably with a simple answer? I am really desperate or wouldn't write.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Live chat support requires a subscription of greater than $50 USD/month. Live phone support requires a subscription of greater than $200 USD/month for the account.


If you post your issues here someone may be able to help you.



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I've posted here and although some replies no one has answered the basic question. Do notices go out when a meeting is edited? it seems like a simple question but I have spent hours searching for an answer. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom does not send out notices just because a meeting is edited.

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Thanks. Is there anything in the app to resend the meeting? I realize I can copy it and paste into an email. Seems editing and sending would be a pretty normal event. 


Hey , I just joined zoom and purchased a plan and I am facing an issue of sending SMS I am not able to send or receive any SMS I am attaching an screenshot of what I am facing can anyone help me please?