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Constant freezing


I used to use zoom frequently, and haven't in 3 years. I am trying to use it to learn a foreign language now but I am completely unable to due to the disaster zoom has become.


When starting my own meeting, there are no issues. However, when I join this 11 person class. It will freeze sometimes immediately after joining or will work for about 120 seconds then freeze.


PC specs:

I7-11700k@3.60GHz 16 CPUs


Nvidia 3090 RTX



300mbps download

100mps upload

No other users streaming or downloading


I've tried disabling any hardware accelerators to include microphone and camera. I've also disabled all other applications. Fully updated windows 10. I've reinstalled zoom. Created a new zoom account. 


I regularly stream and have never had an issue with anything remotely except for zoom. I'm pretty tech savvy and haven't found any solution with pretty extensive troubleshooting. I may have to drop this class due to whatever issue zoom has unless somebody from the community has any kind of insight since tech support is paywalled.