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Connect music keyboard to laptop / audio issues


I teach piano (virtually of course) and my students often complain about my keyboard "cutting out" or on occasion, no sound.  Also, the audio has gone completely out and I restart the lesson.

Can anyone shed light on this issue? I am a relatively newcomer so my knowledge is limited on how to get optimum audio during my sessions.



I am having this same issue as are many other piano teachers world wide. A number of piano teachers are discussing this on facebook sites and trying to fix the problem but we are losing keyboard sounds above middle C and also guitar sounds. It is getting crucial. We are hoping Zoom will re-visit this change and revert back or make more appropriate changes. If you go onto Facebook and visit Zoom Piano Teachers group there is ongoing discussion and suggestions of other platforms. I pay for the Pro Zoom so am looking at other platforms that may have better audio for music lessons.


Exactly my problem. If Zoom doesn't figure it out, I guess we'll have to find another platform.