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Confusion about large mertings add on.


I run a support group over Zoom.

Because meetings run two hours, I updated to the Pro plan so as not to be restricted to the 40 minute limit of the free plan.


However attendance has reached 91 and rising all the time.

I need to plan for larger capacity now.


Am I right in saying it will cost just under $50 per month to allow more than 100 participants with "Large Meetings Add On"?


I only need one licence as the support group facilitator, not several.


There's no cheaper way to have more participants than 100 for a single licence?



this is bloody ridiculous.  The same for me. They won't let me hold meetings over 40 mins long which they did beforehand.  And I've paid my subscription in full for the year. I'm not happy at all with Zoom

I'm pretty sure any paid plan allows you beyond the 40 minute limit of a free plan.

Or are you saying that, when there are more than 100 participants, the additional participants are allowed for 40 minutes before the meeting is cut off?