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Confusing Desktop Interface


I can't tell you how many times I've been confused about the start time of upcoming Zoom meetings.

My eye naturally goes from (1) current time to (2) bolded event name
It gets me every time.

Product team, please help a girl out. 🙏 Change the UI so the visual information hierarchy is scannable and clear.




I hate the zoom interface.  Its the worst one yet.  Goto Meeting and Microsoft Teams rock.  When you switch to sharing your screen you don't lose the Teams window or the Goto Interface.  When you share a screen in Zoom, it shrinks the Zoom window to just a video of you, loses the prior interface, and then throws the bleeping "sharing tools" in a random location, usually top of the window.  I can't tell you how distracting it is to someone hosting a meeting to suddenly have their controls "disappear".  Why the heck would I only want to see a video feed of myself?  Why wouldn't I be interested in seeing the other users that are talking.  I can't tell you how fast I would can ZOOM and use Teams simply because of the lost video feeds of others when you share a screen.  So blasted frustrating.  It happens every meeting and I still can't get used to the Zoom interface going from somewhat useful to "nothing" gone.  Then hunting through my other windows to find the tiny video feed of myself, try to switch it back to the full size, and nothing.  Garbage.  Attached is a photo of what I see when I give up the meeting share screen, but I kind of feel like I should be seeing the video feeds and controls all the time - don't you?


By the way, telling me what words I can use to describe garbage is also frustrating.  I'm toning this down and still finding your interface not 1/4 as good as Teams.