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Computer bluetooth setting doesn't apply to Zoom meeting and plays through computer speakers instead


I'm in an office setting and have been caught out continuously. 

  • I open my Samsung Buds case, pair the headphones and the speakers with my laptop in Windows. I can hear music from my laptop through the headphones
  • Open Zoom meeting link and by default the Zoom app speaker plays through the laptop rather than headphone
  • Unfortunately, as I'm in the office, the noise disrupts colleagues and is embarrassing. I use the keyboard shortcut to decrease the volume of the call but nothing happens to the speaker volume (it's still loud). Same again, I select the volume settings in the taskbar and to reduce sound but this doesn't impact the speaker volume for the Zoom call either
    • Note - the above issues don't apply when I don't have a bluetooth device paired with the laptop
  • Panicking, I then need to select the audio settings in Zoom to change the speaker and microphone to the bluetooth device

Can someone please guide on how my Zoom app will automatically connect with the speaker and microphone setting in Windows?  Any guidance on managing the Zoom volume in Windows would be appreciated also.