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Cohost can't see breakout room


I can see breakout room button when I am host of a meeting, however when I assign someone to be host of the meeting and become cohost, I can't see breakout room button anymore. 

Before, I could still see breakout room button even I was cohost of a meeting. any advice is appreciated. 


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi Timothycsy


You can update your Zoom desktop client app here As host and co-host, you can assign and manage the breakout rooms both of you you can check your roles here in this article as well

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I have the same issue.
As a host, I can manage break-out rooms. My co-hosts can also manage break-out rooms.
But when I assign someone to be a host and he/she makes me co-host, I cannot see the break-out room button, even though I'm assigned as co-host. 
Is this a glitch in Zoom?
I have the latest Zoom version.


I found the same issue but only when I travel internationally (not when I’m in the US)… if you’re outside US, maybe this is why? a work around I used, I used a VPN and indicated I was in US and it worked after that.