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Cloud recording storage full


Zoom send an email "your account is using more than the available could recording storage, cloud recording will be disabled... 981.1 GB  of 5 GB used (19,622% used)."
Q: Can I still use ALL of my OLD stored recordings in the future? They are needed for legal reasons. If not: Q2: HOW can I download all recordings at once to my 
hard drive (hundreds of recordings)? 

Q3: Do I have to upgrade to keep the old recordings (981 GB)? I could only find to upgrade to 30 GB. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Thank you Elliot,
I think I never had this issue.
Please explain why my account shows 835.4 GB of usage (16,708% used) at an amount of 5 GB usage allowed.
And if I read your link correctly I find that 1 TB (more than 835,4 GB) usage is charged at 100 $ per month, that would be an additional 1,200 $ per year, compared to 149 $ per year that I paid for my current Zoom One Pro license (single user).
Is this a new policy?
Thank you very much in advance for helping me!

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

@Raho_G none of your old recordings will be affected. You will not be able to generate new cloud recordings however you will have full access to your existing cloud recordings. For tips on managing your limit you can refer to this article:

Thank you! 
I never had this issue and recorded since years to the cloud with my Zoom One Pro account. Is this a new policy?
Thank you very much in advance for helping me!


@Eliot @kgallagher 

There is not a single recorded file in the cloud recording. Still, the cloud recording shows overused (9.79 GB (196% used) of 5 GB) and the new recordings on the cloud have been disabled.

Screenshot attached.


What could be the possible reason and what to do?


Thanks in advance.