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Cloud recording lost

Few months ago I decided to cancel my  pro subcription to migrate to another app which is running with my workmates. (so my zoom account stayed as basic plan)
The thing is, I had zoom meetings saved at my zoom cloud (limited to 5gb) and I supossed that meetings would stayed at the cloud today.
I have already check the zoom cloud and there´s none zoom meetings!
So I would like to get the way to get back my saved zoom meetings due to I need to my job and Zoom never told me that after change my subcription de cloud would be dissapear...
I hope to get my zoom meetings
Thanks so much for your reply

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



When you stop paying you lose access to Zoom cloud hosting. 

I believe if you pay again you will be able to access your previously hosted recordings. 

You may want to download the recordings this time.



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