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Cloud Storage Limit




I keep getting emails that I exceeded my storage and I delete most of the videos, May I ask if how many videos will be stored for 2GB and the recorded videos is almost an hour. So I'll have a glimpse of how many videos need to be stored to avoid getting emails and being charged.





Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

That would be difficult to predict since recordings will vary based on factors like total participants and meeting settings that impact the video quality.  


To give you an idea of how large the currently saved recordings are, you should be able to see the file size next to each recording listed. Take a look at a few of your typical 60 Minute meetings you host to get an idea of the sizes (assuming most are similar). 


The account owner should be email notified at 80% of your total plan capacity to give you some time to free up space. Alternatively, you can think about balancing cloud and local recording for storage. 

Hello Jonathan,


Is it possible to receive the above emails also the Admin Accounts or only the Account owner? In case that the email alert is only for the Account owner, is it possible to have more than 1 ?