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Cloud Recording


Hi. How long does Zoom keep cloud recordings before deleting them?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you are a user in an organization with an admin, note that the admin can enable different settings and cause your recordings to be deleted sooner.  Check with your admin, if you have one.


For the average user on their own account, as long as the size of your recording is under the limit for your account, Zoom will keep them until you delete them.  Once you move them "to the trash", Zoom keeps them available for restoring for 30 days; after that, they're gone.


See additional information in this Zoom Support article on "What happens to cloud recording files when (1) a user deletes their cloud recordings, or (2) an account admin deletes a user": 

... and this one on "Deleting local or cloud recordings": 


If you go over the size limit for your account, you'll be charged extra storage charges. More information on that topic is located here: 

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