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Cloud Recording option not available in my Pro plan


Hi there, I have been trying to use the "cloud recording" option, but is not available in my zoom app, I tried →


1. APP, clicking in the "New Meeting" arrow, hovering over my meeting ID, then PMI settings and the only option I see is "record meeting in local"

2. Initiating a new meeting, clicking "record" and it just start recording, and when I end the meeting, the recording starts converting, and its saved in my preferred folder


I when through the prerequisites to start a cloud recording and all, nothing seems to work, I can't even use the live chat and I don't even know why??


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Onepurplesoul when you go to under Account > License is, Meeting listed? If not, you may've not Assigned your Zoom licenses, and let me know if that helps getting access to cloud recording. 


With that being said, then double-checking prerequisites for starting a cloud recording


You also may need to sign out of the Zoom desktop client and sign-in, create a test meeting and see if you have the option to cloud recording IF its enabled, and cloud recording settings are selected as desired. 


Zoom Community Moderator

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