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Cloud Recording Resolution in Active Speaker View


Hi everyone! I need help with a resolution question when recording to the cloud. 

I want to be able to do a cloud recording while in Active Speaker view and ideally be able to download in a 1920x1080 resolution. At the current moment the best I can get is 640x360 resolution. I have already turned on the Group HD feature in settings and made sure my camera visual is in HD. 


Is is possible to have a cloud recording of Active Speaker view in a resolution greater than 640x360? 

Thank you for the help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Yes, it is possible. First you'll need to make sure that the speaker is actively sending a high-resolution video signal.


Posting some steps I dropped on a related question below:

You will need to do a few things in order to get consistent quality on your active speaker views.


1.) Be sure to enable Group HD 1080 on the account that will host these meetings that are recorded.


2.) Ensure that the active speaker is using a high-resolution webcam, a capable computer, and a strong internet connection. Most integrated webcams are still 1280x720, so aim for one with a 1920x1080 resolution (or use an external FHD webcam for better results).


3.) Here's the kicker. Zoom will attempt to conserve bandwidth wherever possible, so if none of the far-end participants require a full-res view, Zoom won't send it. Ensure that at least one endpoint/participant is viewing active speaker in full-screen at all times during the meeting. You'll be able to confirm what resolution is being received in Settings->Statistics. 


4.) Encourage all speakers to use a wired ethernet connection wherever possible. Even if you're getting great speeds on a speed test with wi-fi, a short-burst wi-fi speed test doesn't account for stability - only up/down speeds at a point in time. Friends don't let friends take Zoom calls on Wi-Fi!



More on Group HD here: