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Closed zoom account, but meeting links still being used


This has been extremely frustrating as ZOOM admin have not been helpful.

I used to have a premium account for work meetings (work would not pay for this [long story}) I no longer work there and have closed my premium account down, yet they are still using my meeting links for meetings. I know this because i get emails advising of the people who are logging into the meeting. 


I would have thought when i stopped subscribing to ZOOM the meeting links would be disabled. 

How do i stop these links being used? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @jACIE74 


I assume you have changed your Zoom account to Basic?
Changing from a paid plan to Basic, which is a free plan, does not delete your conference ID.
The conference ID is valid for 30 days after the last conference was held if it is a one-time conference. In other words, if it is used repeatedly within 30 days, it is valid forever. A colleague of mine has been using the same conference ID for more than six months now.

For recurring meetings, it is valid for one year after the last meeting was held.

I checked and it seems that past meetings are only shown for one month, so it is not possible to delete them.

If the meeting is a meeting that was scheduled within a month, you can view it from the Previous tab in My Meetings and delete it!