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Closed caption issues in meetings


When closed captions are enabled by the Host of the meeting, I find that the following issues occur: 


  1. Speech that is translated to text comes in 4 or 5 lines at a time and there’s a long pause between their appearances. The time they stay on the screen is so brief that even a fast reader like myself can’t keep up. 
  2. When someone enters text in chat, the chat window appears as an overlay on the captions and it becomes difficult to read the captions.


How do I change the format of the captions so that 


  1. Text appears within couple of seconds after they are spoken and appears no more than 2 lines at a time.
  2. Chat window can be moved to the side so it does not block the captions. 



Also, the caption font that appear on the screen is small - please make it possible for the user to enlarge it if needed even for folks with glasses.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @amyrogers for both (1.) I'd submit this feedback to as we're always enhancing Zoom. For both (2.), you can click on the closed-caption window in-meeting and drag to the desired place within the meeting.


Here you can see that the chat window is overlaying the closed captions. 



You can click and drag the closed caption box out of the way of the chatbox notifications.



I hope this helps! If so, don't forget to click the Accept as Solution button. Thanks! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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