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Closed Captioning in Breakout Rooms


Has anyone successfully used closed captioning OR live transcription in multiple breakout rooms occurring simultaneously? We have a paid account and the auto generated CC works fine in the main room. It seems like it should work in breakout rooms-- button exists, but no captioning ever appears. We can possibly hire live transcriptionists, but...


I see the Zoom support article, but it's so confusing! It explains captioning options for breakout rooms, but then the final note says it's not supported.


We need to be ADA compliant for our meetings, so wondering if there is a solution? 


Community Champion

Hi @jnorto4 thank you for your community post! You are correct that in Breakout Rooms it is not possible today to enable live transcription. The host can however give someone permission to type closed captioning so that it shows up on screen. Or a third party captioning service can be used for this, too. 


Live transcription functionality in BO rooms, though, is a great suggestion and I appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. Currently, our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form I highly encourage you to submit this feature for review!


If this has answered your question to your satisfaction, please click the "Accept as Solution" button below but if not please reply and we can continue the  discussion. Thank you!

Can you provide links to third party services that can be used for this?