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Client needs a better "update available"


Hey There Zoomies


I notice lately that sometimes the client says there is an update available, however it is still intermittent.


Most of the time, the message comes up after I press the "check for updates" button.


As the system is going to be relying on users having a client less than six months old from November, can this facility be looked at and made more robust (Windows and Mac Clients) please


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @UoPAdmin 

Most desktop client releases are set as a manual update, meaning the user must check for and agree to updates. Occasionally, we will set a release as a prompted update, meaning we will proactively let the user know there is a specific update available. This happens once or twice a year, and are usually for a larger security issue. 

You can certainly submit your comment as product feedback, through our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!

There has been a recent change to the client, where it does prompt for update, however this doesn't occur frequently, and is often precipitated by checking manually!


As Zoom (from November) will no longer function on clients over six months old, then it becomes a bit more compelling to suggest an update is necessary, hence the open request for a more robust system!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @UoPAdmin 

I am well aware of how the client currently works, just trying to provide some clarification on why you get some prompts to update and other times nothing. 

Also, the upcoming change is for a 9-month release window, not 6-months. 

I still encourage you to submit this as official feedback, so that it can be tracked by our teams. 

Now that I see your profile, I can see that you should understand the client, however that was not apparent in your message, and the tone is combative!

Thank you for the clarification on the time frame for users to update the client, I am honestly concerned as the license I administer has had approx 10,000 client calls in the last week, so this is a real headache for large scale deployment! 

Could you incorporate a link to the relevant ticketing system that might be directed to your team a bit quicker please, am not sure I can deal with bot, 1st then 2nd level again!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Here is the link again for the Zoom Feedback form

I have a related question.  The email announcing the 9-month policy sent on August 31 included the following:


 Starting in September, we will introduce a prompted update to help customers update to the latest version of the Zoom client. If you have prompted updates turned off for your organization, you will not see the prompt.


I'm not quite sure what this says is going to happen.  Speaking with a few of my participants, some have seen prompts to update recently (the prompts suggested, but did not force an upgrade).  Other participants have not.  None of them were running the very latest release, but I suspect (am not certain) that those who received the prompt were further out of date than those who did not. 


Two specific questions:

1. Am I correct in the last paragraph?

2. Will participants with clients older than 5.5.0 (the minimum release needed on 11/1/21) be prompted to update prior to 11/1?  How much prior?


Many thanks.