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Click to Dial function not working on my new iPhone 13 Pro MAX


Not sure if it's a setting that I am missing or if there are software compatibility issues. Hoping someone can shed some light. Very inconvenient to type in the entire call sequence when calls are back to back. And if you mistype, DOH!



TEAM ZOOM:  Get your act together and FIX THIS.. This a CRITICAL  BUG !
It worked fine up until about 2+ weeks ago.. 

I NO LONGER schedule ZOOM calls (use Google instead)  because of this. The auto dial (+1 xxx,,,  mtg ID,,, participant code etc.. ) in one touch is a REQUIRED function. If I am on the road, I simply am not able to dial in. And the ZOOM application on the phone simply DOES NOT WORK for mobile cell service. .... Fix your stuff ... before too many have left..