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Classic whiteboard not working


Hello and thank you for your time.

Before i continue please note that this "malfunction" has only started existing after the UI changing update. Previously everything worked just fine.

Suddenly, after the update, the UI on the "screen sharing" button changed. I can now only choose the open chrome tabs and my whole screen, but no collaboration whiteboard. Also, when the host opened his whiteboard (which worked, unlike mine) i could not comment in form of drawing with the pencil. 

Before you ask, yes, the host has stated that the screen sharing and classic whiteboard are enabled on his device, meaning this is a problem on my end.


Please help me in any way. It would be very appreciated. Thank you.




I am very thankful for the reply, but as stated in the original text, the  host did enable the whiteboard feature. They also told me that meeting with other participants worked just fine.

Thank you for reading.