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Classic Whiteboard


My whiteboard has stopped working in meetings even though it is still enabled. Has anyone had this problem?



Community Champion

Hi Steph 


Could you please try to update your Zoom desktop client app and make sure you meet the requirements? 


    • Zoom desktop client
      • Windows: 5.10.3 or higher
      • macOS: 5.10.3 or higher
      • Linux: 5.10.3 or higher
    • Zoom mobile app*
      • Android: 5.10.3 or higher
      • iOS: 5.10.3 or higher
    • Zoom Whiteboard enabled for your account by an administrator

*Note: Zoom Whiteboards can only be viewed and edited using the Zoom mobile app on a tablet or iPad. When using the Zoom mobile app on a smaller mobile device, such as a phone, you will only be able to view Zoom Whiteboards. 

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