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Citrix DaaS - Webcam not working / Zoom Plugin Not Connecting




We are trying to setup Zoom on our Citrix VDA. I have followed the instructions outlined in the articles and forums I could find:

- Verified app protection isn't on

- Using the installed Workspace app

- The version of the Zoom VDI install and the plug-in are the same (5.10.21113)

- The Citrix VDA we are using is ver 2203 on a Windows 10 multi-session system


There are two symptoms that we are noticing:

1- No Cameras detected by Zoom in the VDA

-- Cameras work in Teams / Google Meet in the VDA

2- Zoom does not see plug-in

-- On VDA Zoom shows "Plugin missing"

-- On the endpoint Zoom shows "Zoom is not connected"


We have tried uninstalling / re-installing the Zoom client on both the VDA and the endpoint and have tried it from multiple endpoints with the same symptom.


Would anyone have any suggestions on where to look next for further troubleshooting?


Thanks in advanced.




I was having the exact same issue. I checked the Citrix policies and the "virtual channel allow list" setting in Citrix Cloud (for DaaS) defaults to "disabled".


Anyways, I tried explicitly enabling that setting and then adding the EXE paths listed in the Zoom article:


ZOOMHDX,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\ZoomVDITool.exe
ZOOMHDC,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMHDA,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMHDS,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMHDV,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMPHX,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMCCX,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMCCA,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe
ZOOMAUS,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\Zoom.exe,C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomVDI\bin\ZoomVDITool.exe


That worked! So, it would seem that this is a Citrix bug and that it's no longer possible to disable that feature (which is supposed to allow all virtual channels) and that the "virtual channel allow list" setting must be enabled and list all third party virtual channels.