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Zoom Moderator


Recurring meetings not showing up? Update your Zoom Client!


1. Solution by @CealCraig & @br63

Discussion: Recurring not showing up on Zoom web-based verion


2. Solution by @fivepoints@VA

Discussion: All of my recurring meetings disappeared today but are still accessible via phone app only


Still having issues? Check out the Knowledge Base Article on Updating Zoom to the latest versionZoom recurring meetings disappeared from desktop client 5.15.3No Fixed Time option missing when scheduling recurring Zoom meeting




Need to prevent Zoom from going fullscreen when a participant shares screen? 


1. Solution by @bort

Discussion: Prevent Zoom going to fullscreen mode when remote user begins sharing?


2. Solution by @Frank_TB

Discussion: Stop going full screen when participant shares screen.


3. Solution by @Jeremyjustin

Discussion: How do I disable full screen mode when I start sharing my screen?


Still having issues? Check out the Knowledge Base Article on Changing settings in the desktop client/mobile app



Update required when attempting to join a Zoom Meeting? 


1. Solution by @bort



2. Solution by @Frank_TB

Discussion: Error message: Update Required: You must update to the latest version of Zoom to join this meeting.


Still having issues? Check out the Knowledge Base Article on Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom applicationReceiving "Please contact your IT team to update your app" messageError: Update Required

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