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Changing External Caller ID


We attempted to reach our Manager using the ZOOM call feature today. He received a phone call, but the following happened:


1) Verizon blocked the call as possible Spam.

2) The caller ID was incorrect.


Can we change the caller ID? What are the steps to do that?


Please note that we do not use ZOOM Phone.





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, when using the call out feature, there is no way to customize the caller ID, as all call-outs come from generic servers that every other meeting uses as well. 

As for Verizon blocking the call, you would need to log the exact date/time you called out,  have him call Verizon, and ask them to unblock the caller that tried his number at that exact date/time. They should be able to find and unblock the exact number that Zoom called out from.