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Change location or size of embedded active speaker video in meeting recording


Hi gang. We record a lot of presentations where the speaker is talking about a shared PowerPoint.  The "Shared screen with active speaker" video recording layout places the active speaker in the upper right hand corner (see This can cover up lengthy slide titles or information on some of our more large/complex slides. 


Knowing this, we're currently in the process of rethinking our PPT templates to include a content-no-go zone where, if the space is covered, no content is lost. But that only works for PPT. In other applications, such as a browser, it covers the menu. In a Microsoft 365 application, depending on screen resolution, it might cover the Ribbon. And so forth.


Is there a good solution to this problem? Does Zoom allow repositioning of the embedded active speaker video? (Yes, I know I can separately download the active speaker view only and shared screen only and spend hours editing/overlaying/publishing the two. That's just not practical.)





Following as I would love to read an answer! thanks