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Change email on invitation


I created a registration page using Zoom to set up a large meeting.  


In My meetings --> Email settings I changed the email contact (from my account email to another email address). That address appears in the body of the message as "Please submit questions to... [email address]." That's great, but it didn't change the Reply-to email address in the header. What appears in "Reply-to" is the email address I signed up for the account with.


(I use this account for two different business activities and for this particular activity, it matters what shows up in the "reply-to" address.)


Is there a way to make that Reply-to email address the address that I set up as the contact for this meeting (versus the account email)? If so, how? Or is the only way to do that to change the main email address for my account? And if the answer is the latter, is it easy enough to change my account email?