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Change License Holders Name



We have paid a years subscription but the lady whose email/name the subsription is in has left the company. I now need to set up a zoom meeting for our board but I dont want it to time out after 40 minutes. I dont want to buy a second license so as host my meeting wont time out. How do I change the account to be in my name



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Changing the account owner

Last Updated: December 13, 2021

As the current account owner, you can change the owner to another user on your account. Only the account owner can change the account owner. Admins are not able to make this change, although if it is a Pro account, they can request to be the owner.

If the account owner is no longer with the company and you still have access to their email address, you can reset their password to gain access to the Zoom account.

If the owner is no longer with the company and you cannot access their email, you create a ticket  for assistance with changing the owner. You will be required to verify your identity, relationship to the account, and billing information for your request to be considered.

You can check who is the owner on your Zoom account on your account profile page.


For more detailed info on changing account owners, please see KB article >>  Changing the account owner. 



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